Festival History

August 2018 will see the inaugural Mull Of Galloway Sea Angling Festival. The festival is the brainchild of five like-minded boat owners, who, over the years, have committed themselves to chasing down the elusive species that inhabit these bio diverse fishing waters in an environmentally friendly manner.

The Mull of Galloway region features some of Scotland's most spectacular coastline and because of the Gulf Stream boasts one of the highest variety of species in the UK. There are some 60 plus species that inhabit these waters with species hunts often producing twenty species in a day.

As committed conservationists, the organisers have tried to ensure the fish will be on board, for the smallest time possible, ensuring a successful catch and release. All species will be photographed on a measuring mat accompanied by a unique card to ensure reliability of catch reports.

The competition is to be fished as a species hunt event from two venues just four miles apart, this offers the angler a completely different set of target species. They both face opposite directions, which means getting to sea is less weather dependent than other competitions.

Port Logan

The picturesque Port Logan sits on the west side of the Galloway Peninsula with views on to the Irish Sea. The geography of the coastline and the dynamics of the seabed means the bottom drops away very quickly allowing many of the species that are found in Scottish waters to be caught within two miles of this launch site.

Directions to Port Logan:


Drummore sits on the East side of the peninsula with views onto the renowned waters of Luce Bay. The warm shallow waters of Luce Bay are famous for its variety of small shark species, but are also home to an abundance of other species including Black Bream and Bass.

Directions to Drummore:

The Clash is where anglers will meet the organising team and fellow competitors on the Friday ‘Welcome Night’, share a few evening beers, discuss tactics and hopefully meet friends old and new.

The HQ will also be used on the Saturday night where competitors can check their scores, keep themselves updated with weather conditions or rule changes and of course, share a few evening beers while talking about the ones that got away. On Sunday, the HQ will be used for the presentation and prize giving.
The pack will include, d​​etails of the teams, team leaders and harbour marshal, the competition format, rules and regulations, a chart for the area that has clear restriction areas marked, should they be needed due to weather, tides for the week, photographic ID for species and a prize list.

The Welcome night provides the best opportunity to ask any questions about aspects of the competition you are unsure about. The committee members will be in attendance to discuss as much of the competition format, how the boats are launched/retrieved and every other aspect of the competition on the night.
Festival HQ
Welcome Night
Drummore is also the site for the Festival HQ. This will be located in the Clashwhannon Caravan Park and Public House, known locally as The Clash

The 'Welcome Night' will be held in The Clash on the Thursday Night prior to the competition and will commence around 7:30pm.
The 'Welcome Night' as the name suggests is held to welcome all of the boats and their crews to the festival. Each boat will receive a comprehensive waterproof welcome pack

Presentation Night

Presentation night is held on the Sunday of the event. This is held in The Clash and will commence at 2:30pm unless the Sunday is being used as a fishing day.  

The presentation night is the chance to unwind after a hard two days of competition, it’s also your chance to pick up a prize for your efforts. The prizes are spread across several categories to offer all competitiors a chance of taking home at least something.

Ian Burrett (Chairman)
Ian has run a local charter boat company for 29 years and fished the area for 35 years. He has been involved with angling politics at Scottish ministerial level as well as running the Scottish Shark Tagging Programme. The renowned “Sharkatag” fishing event has attracted as many as 70 private boats and 200 anglers in a single weekend’s fishing. Ian is happy to offer advice on tactics and where to find the species, but will not be fishing the event.

Les Weller (Secretary)
Les is another regular to the area and a keen kayaker and all-round Angler, he is the Secretary for the Amble Sea Angling Club in Northumberland and has experience of putting on large Open competition’s, he also runs the Angling Trust Marine section for Northumberland.

Stuart Atkinson
Stuart is a regular to the area and has fished the waters from boat and shore for 30 years. He is a regular entrant of both the Rosslare and Cork Small Boat Festivals and finished in the top 5 at Rosslare 2017. As leader of Group One Stuart ensures the smooth process of the launch and retrieval of boats and also conducts boat and vehicle searches prior to the competition day. He takes responsibility for each member of his group and responds to any issues whilst at sea.

Jason Nicol
Jason has been fishing these waters for some 20 years and has competed in the Rosslare Small Boats Competition for a number of years. He is a regular at the Drummore Tope Festival and an admin for a number of fishing related Facebook pages and websites. As leader of Group Two he has the same responsibilities as Stuart in relation to the launch and retrieval of boats within his group and their safety at sea.

Tom Stevenson
Tom has been fishing these waters for 20 years and is a regular at the Drummore Tope Festival winning the Competition along side his Grandson Danny. He is the organiser and event leader for the Port Logan 3 Fish Comp that has been successfully running for a number of years now. Tom brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in running and fishing competitions in the area. 

Martin Appleton (Treasurer)
Martin is the owner of The Clash and Treasurer for the Festival. Martin was one of the committee members who re introduced the very successful Drummore Tope Festival back to the area some 5 years ago. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience in running competitions in the area.